“Despite initially being skeptical about acupuncture, I began working regularly with Allison in 2010 for a chronic case of patellar tendonitis. Thanks to all of her help, 2010 was my most consistent and successful season of running and racing to date with zero days off due to injury and several top performances at nation- level 50 mile, 100K, and 100 mile mountain races. I continue to use her services to help me sustain my high mileage running and racing schedule.”

Anton Krupicka, Elite Trail Ultramarathon Runner

“Allison Suddard is my single acupuncture source for fixing stubborn cases of tendon injuries related to overuse injuries. Her specific approaches improve tendon vascularity and remove chronic fibrosis allowing my sports medicine approaches to work and the tendon to heal itself.”

Dr. Jeremy Rodgers, DC, ATC
Board-Certified Sports Medicine Colorado Sports Chiropractic Center

“The road to qualifying for the Olympic Games has not been an easy one. For some time, I have been dealing with a nagging bursitis injury in my foot caused by Haglund’s Deformity. I had to have surgery on the 7th of March 2012, which went extremely well.
Although I had to relinquish my Olympic dream, I truly believe my running career is far from over, and there are definitely a few more good marathons in me.  I began working with Allison Suddard at Peak Performance Acupuncture Sports Medicine for my rehab back to running. Allison and her skills with acupuncture have made a considerable difference to my recovery and speedy return to running. I am so excited to be back running pain free and thank Allison for playing a major part in that.
She is not only a fantastic acupuncturist but a wonderful person and friend as well.
Thanks Allison!”
Fiona Docherty – Elite Marathon Runner and XTERRA World Champion

“Allison absolutely blew me away with her in-depth knowledge of the human body, how it functions in sport, and how to go about correcting the issues. Within minutes of working with her she was able to understand my problem, where it came from, and how to solve it. Her attitude and personality had me at ease, which is good because I have a slight fear of needles. I can’t say enough good things about her! I would highly recommend her to anyone whether you are a professional, amateur, or weekend warrior.”
Will Kelsay – XTERRA Triathlete Team Timex

“For anyone considering acupuncture I have two words: It Works. And, it works especially well in the hands of a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner like Allison; I can recommend her without hesitation.”

David Oberbeck
Erie, Colorado

“I’ve been seeing Allison since she was a student at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder back in 2000. She was so good even then that I wouldn’t let another student touch me, and she’s the only acupuncturist I’ve let touch me ever since.

She’s great for whatever ails me, and we joke that she treats me by the cubic inch since I’ve had so much going on over the years. She’s cured my foot pain, hand and knuckle pain, and menopausal hot flashes. And because my line of work puts a lot of stress on my body, she always manages to put me back in shape when I get my back, neck, and shoulders flared up.

She’s awesome! If you’ve got any sort of problem, give her a call. I bet she could get you fixed up in no time.”

Terry Eisele
Lyons, Colorado

“Well, to be frank, I was quite skeptical about acupuncture. Boy was I wrong! I’m a 50 year old male. I’ve had nagging foot and ankle pain (avid runner) on my right side for over two years. I’ve had massage therapy, drug therapy i.e., IB, Advil, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs etc…foot and ankle X-rays and was thinking about giving up running (and walking for that matter) when a runner friend of mine suggested acupuncture. I gave it a try and my foot and ankle pain (and suffering) was 60% improved after the first session, 80% after the second one, and 100% after the third. This is crazy I thought! Two years I lived with this pain. I don’t know what else to say…this acupuncture stuff really is amazing. Had I only known.

Thank you Allison!”

Ernie Smith
Loveland, Colorado

“I love to play golf but was having some issues with both my shoulders. Being an older guy I thought it was just old age. I’ve talked with my health care specialist about it and didn’t get a lot of help for the most part. The standard, “do some stretching I was told, take some over the counter pain meds before you play, yahda, yahda, yahda.” As luck would have it I happened to stumbled across a woman at one of the local golf courses (Allison Suddard) whilst on the driving range. I overheard her saying she was an acupuncturist. My shoulders were talking to me that day and I thought what the heck, I approached her. Got her card, made and appointment and to my surprise it was the best thing I ever did. No more shoulder pain! I’m not old!”


“Both my husband, Art, and myself have been patients of Allison’s: My husband for many years, and myself for the last two. She has successfully treated severe pain in our knees as well as in Art’s back, hips, and shoulders. Earlier this year Allison sensed something more than aching muscles in Art’s shoulders and recommended that he have an EKG with his upcoming physical. It was discovered that his heart wasn’t getting the oxygen he needed and he had emergency quadruple bypass surgery the next day. We are both impressed with Allison’s knowledge of alternative care/acupuncture as well as the way our bodies work. We both credit Allison with saving his life.”

Art and Pam Fox
Erie, Colorado

“I met this practitioner at the American Volleyball Professional Tour in Boulder. As the chosen acupuncturist for her field, I noted that she was exceedingly knowledgeable about what she does and she uses a trigger point specific, problem-focused method of treating her patients. As a doctor myself, I have been treated by her for swelling in a previously broken ankle and a hip flexor tendonitis issue that I have had repeatedly pop up after long runs.

Allison has not only truly aided myself but I have referred over many patients with repeated muscle tone issues, arthritis, and degenerative issues in knees and wrists that I cannot aid. I must say that she has helped better (with less side effects) than any corticosteroid injection or massage could do. I know because I do deep tissue work and she can melt a difficult knot in moments.

Because of this, she is invited into my medical tent anytime and is one of my favorite peers.”

Dr. Lisa Erikson, DC
LifeSport Chiropractic
Boulder, Colorado

“After successful back surgery in July I had problems recovering. Despite eight weeks of twice- a-week physical therapy the pain continued. I could not sit for longer than five minutes at a time. Driving, walking, riding in the car, trying to sleep was pain filled. My life was getting to be a very small circle of physical ailments and pain. Back to physical therapy. .

I had some improvements, I had some setbacks. In November the physical therapist asked me if I wanted to continue, did I think I was getting any benefit? Yes, I would continue to come for a few more weeks, but then …..maybe just give it up for a while. At the next appointment the physical therapist asked me if I would consider acupuncture. Allison Suddard of Alternative Care of Colorado had put on a presentation for the therapists. Allison asked the therapists to send her their most challenging patients. My continued back pain was most challenging and although my physical therapist was skeptical, there wasn’t much we hadn’t tried already. I made an appointment the next week with Allison briefly outlining my back history. I had no expectations that acupuncture would help it was simply the last thing to try. In truth I almost cancelled the appointment. I had very little stamina and less energy. Did I want to put myself through another physical examination with a stranger? I kept the appointment. Allison explained the acupuncture procedures, the science behind it, the history but most importantly I felt a difference within an hour. I received treatments from Allison twice a week until shortly before Christmas. With each visit my back pain receded. Because of the pain relief Allison’s treatments provided I was able to stop wearing a Fentanyl patch (no easy task to withdraw from). Now I walk and exercise each day; my stamina and endurance has improved. My physical therapist has been delighted in my progress. My health is improved and I continue to make progress in strengthening my core muscles. My internist and gastroenterologist are glad I am no longer wearing the Fentanyl patch (so is my mind and colon). .

I hope that relaying my experience might help encourage someone to consult Allison for acupuncture treatment. I am extremely grateful and my family is amazed with my improvement…but most important there is no unremitting back pain any more. My improvement has prompted co-workers to ask for Allison’s contact information. My life is a wider circle of family, concerts, walks, grandchildren sleep-overs, movies and plays with my husband, driving the car, ready, enjoying the small everyday wonders of life.”

A Much Improved Woman-of-a-Certain-Age
Boulder County

“Recently Dr. Lisa Erikson and Allison Suddard provided emergency chiropractic and acupuncture care for my daughter at USAClimbing’s ABS National Bouldering Competition in Boulder, CO. I was absolutely amazed at their combined and synergic skills and beyond impressed with their detailed and empathic care. After watching my daughter’s rapid improvement, I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking sports medicine related care.”

Bruce B.

“I have been skeptical but curious about acupuncture for years. When visiting Boulder, I was lucky enough to get one 10-minute treatment from Allison for plantar’s fasciitis that had been plaguing me for several months and not improving. I walked without limping immediately, the pain relief was so enormous! Allison explained the treatment before she began, and explained what her goal was as she inserted the needles in various places. I was under time constraints, and she worked with that calmly and efficiently. She explained the follow-up — that there would still be discomfort due to the swollen bursa. She is knowledgeable and extremely effective in communicating — she knows what to say and how to say it so that you can understand. She also followed up by email several times, to see how things were going and to offer some really useful advice about dealing with the swollen bursa. It’s been 3 weeks now since the treatment and that discomfort too is almost entirely gone!”