Cheetahfit Training and Massage Center – Boulder, Colorado  

The Cheetahfit Training Center is a state-of-the-art sport, performance and personal training center in Boulder, Colorado. Cheetahfit is fully equipped with Free Motion cables, Olympic Lifting floor, a private training field, power sleds, Infinity rope machines, competition racks, Versapulley, Leaper a Pneumex Vibe Pro vibration training plate and more. We provide advanced movement analysis, skills coaching, explosive plyometric training, advanced agility, injury recovery and elite sport programs from youth to pro. Go beyond the local gym, health club or team training experience to get highly effective coaching and results.

Backnobber 2 – An Excellent tool to treat your pesky trigger points at home and on the go. The Backnobber 2 breaks down into two pieces for easy storage in backpacks and luggage.

Kraus Weber tests – Test your basic level of physical fitness and likelihood of developing debilitating back pain.

Alpha-Stim – FDA cleared medical device for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. 30 years of good, hard science to back it up.

Arm Aide – Great home-use tool to work those kinks out of your forearm muscles. Anyone with chronic forearm pain from repetitive use injuries should consider this device.

GOTRIbal – Safety in numbers! GoTRIbal is a wonderful organization founded by the fairy godmother of self-empowerment, Tanya Maslach, to encourage women to get out there and maximize their potential in any forum. Find a Tribe or start your own.